Early Learning Scholarships - Provider Expectations/Eligibility  

period ending September 30, 2022

The goal of the Early Learning Scholarship is to increase access to high quality care for young children in low and moderate earning families in Nebraska. Funding is being made available to providers engaged in delivery of quality early learning environments and experiences for young children. Participating child care providers are providing ongoing learning, continuous quality improvement, and supporting their early childhood professional workforce through improvements in wages and benefits. 

The Early Learning Scholarship is intended to support working families in meeting the high cost of quality care for children six weeks through age 6 (pre-school only) in full day/full year settings or attending the Program due to a need for care that extends beyond the hours provided by a publicly funded program (i.e. wrapping hours around Head Start or Public Preschool). 

Eligibility for Child Care Center and Family Child Care Homes:

Child care providers interested in participating in the Early Learning Scholarship opportunity must meet the following qualifications: